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How to use Nextjs Link with Chakra UI

#React #Javascript

One of the frequently asked questions on chakra ui library discussions is, How do I use nextjs link with chakra ui button or chakra link?. In this post let us explore some common patterns to use nextjs link in ui libraries.

Minimizing Lodash Size in CRA and Next.js

#React #Javascript

Lodash is a utility package commonly used in Javascript development for carrying out simple to complex calculations with data structures. Lodash package has a lot of helper utilities which for the most part won't be used in common application. Let's see how to configure webpack to reduce the bundle size of lodash to pick only what is needed aka tree-shaking. Lets ship less Javascript to client by minimising lodash size in create react app and next js

Simple Introduction to Chakra UI

#React #Javascript

CSS is awesome, but it is the most time taking part for the JS devs. Chakra UI simplifies CSS for React components by converting CSS to Props which results in increased development time. In this post we will explore css-in-js in general and a simple introduction to chakra components

React Hooks Dependencies and Stale Closures

#React #Javascript

React hooks are heavily based on the Javascript Closures. To understand about the dependencies array we must know about Closures. We will explore closures in general and dive into React hooks world to know how the the closures effects hooks

React useEffect Hook Flow

#React #Javascript

Do you know about the order of hooks? Do you know how the useEffect hook is executed on component lifecycle phases - Mount, Unmount and Update? let us find the order of execution of useEffect hooks, once reading it you should feel confident on using it next time.

React is Just Javascript

#React #Javascript

No! React components are not returning HTML & React is not magic! React is just plain Javascript Library for building powerful and interactive User Interfaces. In this post we will also see where React is being used.